Quit Carbon NC moves into the streets with strict nonviolent civil resistance to stop the climate crisis. What we do is not about politics. It is about facing the facts from physics and putting everything we’ve got into doing what social science research tells us gives us the best chance of making big enough changes, fast enough to stop the climate crisis. We are here to protect the earth’s living systems and preserve what we value most in our societies in ways that are fair and just. We aim to be a multi-racial, intergenerational movement welcoming all who are willing to support doing whatever is necessary to nonviolently stop the climate crisis with climate justice.

Show Up, Sign Up and Donate

Show up for the “We Are Ready to Stop the Climate Crisis!” talk.

Sign up to do the work it will take to get this job done!

People who want to help, but cannot consider risking arrest are needed to do essential work.

Pledge to join in at least one QCNC action with a high risk of arrest, and to take the QCNC nonviolent civil resistance training before engaging in the action.

Contribute financial support.

Everything we need to have in place to make our actions effective, from banners to lawyers, takes money, of course. Donate as you are able, and you can also invite others who may not be in a position to contribute in other ways to make financial donations.

Upcoming Actions and Events

Summer Nonviolent Civil Resistance Actions

We’re Going Back to DC!

This summer, QCNC joins Declare Emergency in Washington DC for actions of nonviolent civil resistance to the cascading climate crisis. Plans are in the works for ride shares and housing. If you decide not to join the DC actions, you can still do the essential work of letting others know what is going on! (Really, “essential!!!!”) To find out more, come to this week’s “We Are Ready!” talk or send us a message through this site’s Contact page.

QCNC began an April of actions on April 4th sitting in the road to block traffic with our sister group Declare Emergency in Washington D.C. supporting their demand that Joe Biden declare a climate emergency. 3 of the 7 people who were arrested in that action were from QCNC! (Hint: it’s the ones in the photo with grey hair.)

On April 25th we moved into nonviolent civil resistance in the Raleigh area to bring our demand to the governor.

We demand that Governor Roy Cooper declare a climate emergency and that he use his emergency powers to immediately take all possible actions to move to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state. We further demand that any steps he takes be just and avoid bringing harm especially to vulnerable communities (e.g. methane capture projects on hog farms and the activities of the wood pulp industry).

Your help is needed to make these actions a success. There is much work to be done. For every person who participates in actions risking arrest we need many people doing other necessary work to support them. Click on the “Sign Up” button above to find out more or send us a message through this site’s contact page.

All of those who participate in nonviolent civil resistance actions MUST go to a Nonviolent Civil Resistance (NVCR) training.

We Are Ready to Stop the Climate Crisis!

The “We Are Ready” presentation is Step #1 on the Quit Carbon path to action. Come find out how we are bringing the power of nonviolent civil resistance to North Carolina and learn what you can do to be a part of it.

Sundays 5 p.m. on Zoom

To join by phone, find your local number:

Meeting ID: 828 9398 4052

Passcode: 497114

Welcome/Work Sessions

Meets every Thursday online at 7 p.m. Here we introduce the structure for making decisions and getting things done at QCNC, and help people find ways to begin to contribute right away.
Access this meeting through the same Zoom link that we use for the Sunday 5 p.m. meeting.

This is the place to come when you want to help make sure that the work that is necessary for our actions to succeed gets done!

Path to Action

When enough of us take these steps, together, we will be ready to turn this trainwreck around.

Go to the “We Are Ready to Stop the Climate Crisis!” talk.
Attend the Quit Carbon Welcome Session.

Fill out and submit the Action Pledge/Sign up form.
Get busy in a Working Group.

Join an affinity group.
Participate in a nonviolent civil resistance training.

On April 4th, some of us from QCNC joined Declare Emergency for nonviolent civil resistance road blocking as part of their two weeks of actions in April. After a series of nonviolent civil resistance trainings in early April, we held our first road blocking action on Monday, April 25th in Raleigh. Now we move into an outreach-mobilization focus for May and June before we begin another wave of actions over the summer.

We will continue this cycle of actions – mobilization doing whatever it takes to nonviolently stop climate catastrophe.