What We Are About –

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As climate crisis becomes climate catastrophe, and the world’s scientists tell us that we have no time to waste, we will do whatever it takes to nonviolently save the future for ourselves and for our children.

And all of the children are our children.

Quit Carbon NC is part of an international network of independent groups demanding that governments bring immediate, comprehensive efforts to stop carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. We go to the streets in the tradition of Gandhi and the American Civil Rights Movement.

We follow a model proven through social science research. History shows that social movements that include six elements succeed in bringing major changes at a higher rate than any other approaches.

The most effective social movements: are strictly nonviolent,

make a demand that is popular and winnable; act to significantly disrupt business as usual over a long period of time; are willing to make significant sacrifices such as being arrested; do a good job of communicating what they are doing and why they are doing it to bring even more people in to join the actions; and are led by a small group of people. For every one person who is willing to risk arrest, we need ten people who do not risk arrest, and do the many jobs necessary to make the sacrifices of those who are arrested count for something.

That’s the plan!